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Med Institute 2

Project Highlights

  • Med Institute, West Lafayette IN – Commercial/Office Facility

  • General Contractor: Aspen Group

  • Major renovation

  • Design Build concept on the “fly” as information trickled down from owner

  • Connection into existing 2000 amp 277/480 volt service entrance with added capacity coming from eliminating much of the existing electrical heating units.

  • Augmented D&K crew with contract labor to meet aggressive timeline

Success Story

Med Institute purchased this facility from Great Lakes Chemical. It is a unique four story pyramid design, which is a landmark in West Lafayette. To get it ready for Med Institute’s use, the building underwent a major renovation/re-wiring/re-lamping/relighting throughout. Our past performance for this client, and for the general contractor, generated such trust in our abilities and integrity that the project was done as cost/plus contracts on a Time and Material basis.

One highlight of this job was a complete renovation and re-lighting of an impressive four story lobby. We also did complete re-lighting front of the building exterior. Due to the pyramid design, trenching had to be done, in some cases, on a 45 degree angle.

D&K worked as a full, collaborating partner with the owner and General Contractor and took part in weekly progress meeting with them. The result was a successful project, done to the client’s expectations, budget and schedule.


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