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Does the concept of an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work seem to escape some of your subcontractors at times?

At D&K Electric we are where steady and sure meets a heavy dose of bring-it-on. Our Design/Build program allows us to work directly with your company and the client or architect to achieve the desired electrical design. Since 1982 we have been able to enhance quality while lowering costs, speed up the design process and eliminate common coordination problems, so the job gets done in a better way, without compromising quality and integrity.


You'll appreciate these qualities about D&K Electric:

Highly experienced

Our certified foreman has 25+ years’ experience and most of our electricians have been with us for many years. They are backed up with office staff that each have decades of experience. This combination means fewer mistakes, more efficient work and better solutions for you.


Excellent safety record

We are consistently ranked in the Platinum level of safety performance by the Associated Builders and Contractors STEP program.


Serving all of Greater Lafayette and northwestern Indiana

We do commercial, industrial, retail, municipal and church electrical work in large radius from our office, primarily the Greater Lafayette, Indiana area but also beyond. We go north to Rt. 30 (Merrillville – Valparaiso), west to the Illinois border, east to Logansport and south to Indianapolis.


Applying the Golden Rule

The owners of D&K strive to live their lives and run their business on Biblical principles. To that end, we try to treat our customers the way we’d want to be treated: quality work, from kind, honest people who keep their commitments. Not only is that the right thing to do, it also leads to lasting relationships with our customers.


Evidence of ethical, quality work

We’ve never been sued once in our over 30 years of business. Not many contractors can say that!


Courteous and professional

Our electricians are trained to be respectful of you and your property and really care about the quality and appearance of their work (we like clean, consistent and orderly conduit runs and bends, for instance!)


Performance bondable

Because we are a long-standing, successful and financially sound business, we have been performance bonded in the past and are able to be bonded as needed. Our accountant does special annual audits for bonding purposes.

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