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The Pig Adventure at Fair Oaks Farm

Project Highlights

  • The Pig Adventure at Fair Oaks Farm, Fair Oaks, IN – Commercial/Agricultural

  • General Contractor: Belstra Milling & Partners

  • Major tourist destination

  • Legacy Farms is the touring farm for the attraction

Success Story

D&K Electric was contacted and worked very close with Andree Builders, along with Kaluf Construction of Demotte.

Originally when the concept of the Visitor Center and mezzanines over the actual swine production was shared. it was difficult to conceive. However, as this project came together, it has been one of the more unique and rewarding projects that we have been involved with.

A large piece of our work consists of the installation of the Nuvolt/AgriVolt/SmarScan System which specializes in the analysis, detection and correction of leakage current and stray voltage on the electrical network. This consists of Stray Voltage Neutralizing Devices and Electronic Noise control along with an electrical network monitoring and management system, called Smartscan.

Each branch and feeder circuit is scanned and monitored for analysis.

Another major part of our work was co-ordinating power and data drops for Cineviz, which is the company creating activating technologies and creative content for the interactive displays throughout the visitor center.


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