A story of determination, growth and evolution

It all began in 1976, when Remington native, Dan Kilgus, fresh out of Tri-County High School, began working for a local electrician. In time, Dan and a third electrician from Remington, IN bought into the business and it incorporated. Their business focused primarily on the farm market…an industry that was hit hard by the recession and high interest rates of the early 80s. Business slowed down to the point that all three electricians sought additional opportunities to supplement their incomes. For Dan, that meant purchasing a small trencher and starting a side business called Dan K Trenching. By July of 1982, the other two electricians decided to move on to other things, leaving Dan with a big decision. Should he also move on, or should he seize this opportunity to fully own an electrical business? Times where tough, but Dan believed that with grit, hard work, determination and the blessings of God, it would work out. So, Dan purchased all the company shares, making him 100% owner. He dubbed his new business, Dan K Electric.

With the italics on the “an” in “Dan” people took to calling it D and K, plus D&K worked better in a logo design, so the business was eventually changed to its current name, D&K Electric. It was incorporated in 1993, with Dan and his wife, Jenna as owners. Dan serves as President; Jenna as Secretary/Treasurer. Their oldest son, Aaron, became Vice President in 2007.

In its 30-year history, the company has seen tremendous growth and evolution.  The small farm jobs in the early days (done by just Dan and one employee) have given way to mostly large commercial electrical contracts executed by a well-trained, professionally accredited work force.